Why Xiaomi Implemented Customer Service via WeChat

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Blending WeChat with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enables your brand to truly listen to your customers more than ever before. It enhances your traditional CRM by allowing you to listen to and engage with your WeChat followers, as well as to track new leads from WeChat campaigns and move them into your sales funnel.

The payoff of connection is this: the more you pay attention to followers, the higher the chance is that they will reward you with business. Paying attention to WeChat followers brings other benefits,too. It helps you collaborate on complaints, log feedback, please prospects,manage leads, and accomplish everything else in between.

In this case study, discover why the company Xiaomi adopted a WeChat platform to provide customer service and to interact with followers and general sales leads.

Who is Xiaomi?

Xiaomi Inc. is a privately owned Chinese electronics company headquartered in Beijing, China. The world’s third largest smartphone distributor, Xiaomidesigns, develops, and sells smartphones, mobile apps, and consumer electronics. Since their WeChat platform launched in 2013, it has grown exponentially:their WeChat official account followers have increased to over 1,000,000.

Why did Xiaomi choose to use WeChat?

To send the right message

Fanhub demographic information reveals that 62% of social media users look for product news and information from brands; 32% are interested in promotions from brands.
WeChat’s customized menu allows Xiaomi to create marketing content that is targeted to followers. On the Xiaomi WeChat official account menu,followers can retrieve information about latest events, the self-service center, and products. By clicking each tab, followers are directed to pre-set WeChat articles, developed customer service platforms, or a WeChat e-commerce shop.


To facilitate quicker response

People appreciate live chat for a number of reasons, and time is a key fact. Of those who prefer live chat, 79% said they did so because they got their questions answered quickly, and 46% agreed it was the most efficient communication method.

WeChat’s innovative customer service feature allows companies to set keywords and canned responses. Followers get pre-set keyword replies in the form of text, image, audio, video, and visual message. The key to Xiaomi’s success is Customer Care.Overall, the number of WeChat message Xiaomi received in 2013 exceeded 50,000,000, and the percentageof one-on-one customer service was 10%. When followers send important keywords such as “restart” or “repair”, they are connected with real customer service representatives .

So how do I determine which keywords to set for my WeChat platform?

Set up your account first.

The magic of WeChat is that once people start following you,they will send messages to you about topics that concern them. . After you have collected that information, you can think about it from the perspective below.

  • How many are technical or account-specific questions?
  • How many questions can be answered using links to existing help content?
  • What time of day are your customers most active on social media?

To reduce support costs

Xiaomi used to announce offline events through SMS .The cost of 1,000,000 text messages is 40,000 RMB.

Xiaomi’s developed WeChat customer service platform not only makes it easy to track whether the response has been followed up or not, also it has helped Xiaomi to save a quite good amount of money.

What is the main channel to drive 1,060,000 followers to Xiaomi’s WeChat?

About 50% of followers are from the Xiaomi Official Website. Another 40% of followers are from campaigns while 10% comes from strategic partners. The real force driving the high volume of Xiaomi WeChat followers is offline events.

Before the launch of offline events, Xiaomi would broadcast offline event news through WeChat official platform and drive followers to website to retrieve more information. During the events, they would display QR code on the screen. And after the event,they would follow up with a message to have followers visit website for upcoming events. In one event, Xiaomi is able to get 30-40,000 followers through QR Code scanning.

What does all this have to do with your company?

What you’ll notice about this case studies is that Xiaomi has not completely abandoned traditional customer service for social customer support alone. Instead, they have supplemented their traditional customer service with WeChat customer support, and they have integrated those two. Even if you don’t launch a full-scale social customer service program like Xiaomi has, it behooves you to vigilantly monitor your social presence for customer service issues.

This visual from Fanhub looks at how social media is transforming CRM.

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