WeChat Update 6.6.7 for IOS: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!

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China runs on WeChat; WeChat has revolutionized the way businesses interact with consumers and consumers interact with each other, but the app is not perfect.  Whether in the form of installation errors, login errors, or privacy and security issues, WeChat, like any fast-improving entity, has experienced some growing pains. Thankfully, their tech department has solved most issues quickly and provided updates regularly that improve the consumer experience. The most recent update is no exception and features changes that consumers and businesses have been clamoring at for a while. Without further ado let’s break down iOS update 6.6.7!


How many times have you been three-quarters through an article on a WeChat official account, gone to check a message, then realized you’ve lost wherever you were on that article? Finally, this issue have become old news. Now, you can minimize whatever article you are reading down to a small circle that can be moved around the screen at will. Whenever you want to go back to the article, simply tap the circle and you’ll be put right where you left off in the text.



Ever clicked on a link that took you to a Chinese website you couldn’t read? Maybe you wanted to read in Chinese but now you’re faced with English jargon. How about those translator apps that never work? WeChat has you covered. Click on the ‘+’ button on the top right hand corner of your screen. Press scan, just like you would to scan a QR code; now you’ll see two options: Scan and Translate. Press translate, and for any text on paper, computer screen, or sign just take a photo, wait up to 5 seconds, and viola! Do note that the translation won’t always be perfect. I must say, though, that the convenience and speed of the feature outweighs the few issues it has when making the translation.




A small change, but a convenient one. Now, just like WhatsApp, emoji’s will be displayed in the order that you use them. The left side of the emoji list can show quite a few of your most recently sent emojis.




Focused on making the subscription and official account interface neater and more user friendly, the information page is now separated into two parts: the information area and the content/service area. For official subscription accounts the information page will display the number of original articles and number of followers, and the content page will show the most recent three messages from the account. For service accounts, the content page turns into the service page and displays menu items that enable the user to easily browse through the account’s service opportunities.






I always had issues getting my cover photo to look right on Moments, WeChat’s version of a Facebook feed. The new design is cleaner, sharper, and it actually shows the entirety of whatever photo I put onto the app. A slight change, but one that actually makes me want to find a good cover photo.




The search function inside Top Stories now features targeted search categories like: what your friends are reading, what articles are posted from the accounts you follow, what people near you are reading, and most popular news articles in the past 24 hours.



Account managers have always had a challenge on their hands. WeChat only gives managers a 48-hour window to respond to messages and, until now, they could only respond via an online portal on their desktop. Thankfully, a new app called 订阅号助手 (only on iOS) has been released in conjunction with this update. The app enables managers to view comments and respond to messages on the go from their mobile device. Also, one can make small edits (within a character limit) to already existing articles. WeChat has also released a new mini-program called 公众平台助手. Similar to the iOS app, managers can answer messages and access account analytics from their mobile device.


For those of us who aren’t using iOS operating systems, do not fear. Leaked images for the Android update indicate that users can expect similar results as the iOS update. We here at Digitalbootcamp are super excited to implement these new features into our daily lives! My personal favourite update is the Floating Windows. What’s yours? Which of these will impact your life the most? Head to our social media pages and let’s discuss 🙂

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