WeChat Card Marketing: Haven’t started yet?

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WeChat- “The new way to connect”

WeChat brings us great business opportunities, especially for small business owners because of the low cost and wide spread market.

WeChat Card, it enriches your life.

Forgot your membership card while dinning out?
Didn’t pay attention to the expiration date on the coupon?
No Time To Coupon?

WeChat card makes it easy for you. You can store all kinds of WeChat cards to your WeChat card pack. When you are in the restaurant,cinema or airport, open your WeChat, click me, click card pack and you can enjoy the benefits immediately.

There are several channels of getting WeChat card:

  1. Purchase from WeChat Wallet including movie tickets, coupons and etc.
  2. Obtain from WeChat Official Accounts
  3. Apps

How does WeChat card benefit small business owners?

1. Delivera strong, effortless customer experience

Users obtain WeChat card through WeChat official account, website, app QR code scanning, and it would take just one click to add it to the card pack. It saves your customer time which helps your company create a competitive advantage for the long-term.

2. Build positive connections

Avoid losing your customers by sending them friendly reminders to keep them up to date with WeChat card expiration date and usage guidelines. People not only respond to this positively, they would really appreciate it because they feel valued and important.

3. Connect with potential customers

Users can share the WeChat card easily with friends through WeChat. And it helps you reach potential customers and connect with them in meaningful ways, not to mentiont hat you are targeting a group of people who share similar interests.

4. Measure your online ROI

WeChat is a channel, not an activity. You can’t measure a channel, you have to measure the activity which you communicate on that channel. To activate WeChat card campaign allows account owners to measure WeChat ROI and to determine which campaigns need to be adjusted and ended with a focus on creating more tailored content to engage with your target audience.

Note: Updated on May 27th, starting from May 29th, WeChat card will be open to more industries including advertising,media,marketing &technology.Verified official account with golden badge can easily activate WeChat optionand to create, distribute and manage data on the WeChat official platform.

Please note you can only distribute your own cards through your WeChat platform. Your account could be suspended if you help others to distribute their cards.

(Image: Tencent)

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