The Future of WeChat Social Distribution

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A manufacturer has two options when it comes to getting products to end users -selling direct or using distribution. The advantage to distribution is that it allows the manufacturer to focus on its core business of making products and leaves the selling to the distributor.

Sales agents,wholesalers and other kinds of sales distributors can be a very effective channel for selling to your ultimate customers. An established sales agent or distributor can give you immediate access to your target market without the need to build your own sales presence.

What is the difference between an agent and a distributor?

An agent is your company’s direct representative and is paid commission.

A distributor buys your products and then sells them to customers through a third party. Their income comes from the difference between their buying and selling price.

What Does WeChat Have to Do With Distribution?

The WeChat sales approach is a combination of direct selling, franchising and pyramid sales. At its core,WeChat connects people with similar interests. It facilitates interactions with people“like me.”Just like WeChat,social distribution has an egalitarian ethic. The mindset shifts from mine to ours, from proprietary to open. There is liberal idea sharing and companies stop trying to compete in the warehouse and the trailer.

Instead of individual incremental gains, companies look to minimize the time and cost to get products to market. And the best way to do that is by SHARING – ideas,infrastructure and, ultimately, costs.

Advantages of WeChat Social Distribution:

Land a distributor for your product. By the end of Q1 in 2015, WeChat have 549million monthly actively users.

Using WeChat to get your product to distributors has become the new trend and method. Trying to contact every distributor you identify online can exhaust your time and budget.Why not let them find you? By partnering with WeChat Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)who have a large social network will definitely help you get the words out.

Precise positioning. Followers can be categorized into different groups according to their geographic location and gender.

A new model of Social CRM. Actively managing your distributors is a vital part of getting the best results from these sales channels. WeChat platform allows you to keep them up to date with product information and selling the benefits to them of any new initiatives you want them to be involved with.

Build collaborative relationship. WeChat has made it easy for manufactures to create a mini mobile site within the WeChat app to gain credibility. It provides a medium on which to showcase your work. Most importantly, it is always accessible.

Selling to distributors. Content marketing is the beautiful art of making work that matters-using WeChat to share it with people who want to see it. If you can personalize your sales pitch, educate the followers, provide examples and show testimonials, you stand a better chance of convincing distributors to represent or stock your products(or service).

Create contents includes:

  • how easy it will be for the distributor tosell your product
  • how profitable sales will be for them
  • what quality of service you will provide to them

It’s up to you to get the best out of your distributors by supporting and encouraging them.

How does WeChat social distribution work?

4 points WeChat Social Distribution Platform is more innovative than you think.

Unique online/offline shopping experience. Consumers can pay online and visit nearby shops to get the products. Or they can visit the shop and pay online through QR Code scanning. The platform makes the sales record trackable and traceable. Files of customer purchases with addresses, amounts, dates, products, payment methods, returns and other information constitute a rich trove of marketing data. You can analyze this information to find out who your best customers are, what they like the most, and what kinds of marketing approaches appeal to them most powerfully.

Integrating Online and Offline Marketing to Drive Traffic. Should my company goes online only? No! A marketing transcation is never a one way street. Just when you are over excited to get your fist QR code, please remember to display it in different channels including offline stores, live events and outdoor advertisement. And don’t forget to create a conpon/member reward campaign to drive traffic to WeChat. The social distribution platform allows companies to track which channels the fans come from and that is important for Key Performance Indicator and assignment of commissions.

Offline / Online Data Synchronization. Each distributor will have their own distribution back office. Distributors can manage QR codes, orders, followers and price. It bridges the gap between online/offline order, member, inventory and products’ data analysis. Manufactures will be the administrator.

Manage Client Data in One Platform. The core concept of Social distribution platform is to sync data in one platform. Companies will have their own data management system which stores client data gathered from different channels so that the content marketing can be targeted and focused. WeChat is the great platform for customer service relationship management. Companies can use official platform to build a stronger relationship with customers directly and produce products according to the orders.

Word of Mouth Marketing. Those followers of yours are the groups who are already interested in your products and have gained basic understanding. What’s more, individuals can use their own social network to distribute the products and build an ecosystem to facilitate the sales and grow brand awareness.

WeChat commerce may not be as successful as a dedicated eCommerce site in our lifetime, but it’s an innovative way of selling online that brands will likely continue to keep an eye on in the coming years as they look to expand their business through emerging opportunities.


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