Sustainable Design: The Architecture of Future Business

Sustainability is usually seen as something that leads to greater value to people and the planet, but many business owner and developers realised that deep green design buildings also provide real returns on a project basis.

As a matter of fact being sustainable is not only about cost but more to value preposition. In addition any organizations instead are seeing sustainable design as a business opportunity resulting in an improved ROI, an opportunity for social responsibility, and an integral part of their mission-driven models.

Come Join us this 12th December! Clestra Hausserman is bringing together a panel of experts to share how they approach sustainability value proposition and how design teams can build a more effective argument for sustainability measures.

Whether your business is administrative, manufacturing or service-based, there will be something to learn! Together, all kind of businesses can lead the way in building a culture of sustainability throughout Shanghai. 

This is a free event. A special zero-waste cocktail, mocktail and complimentary light appetizers will be served.


  • Stanton Wong – GIGA Head of Product

Stanton is currently the Head of Product at GIGA, leading a team designing and developing the technology behind the RESET Standard, a results driven, real-time, operations-based building standard focused on the indoor environment and human health. He has a background in software development and product management and is passionate about the future, technology, education, the environment, and health. 

  • Derya Völlings  – IKEA Group Sustainability Matrix Manager

Derya Volling is Regional Sustainability Manager Asia Pacific at IKEA Group1, the world’s leading home furnishing retailer set out to become a people and planet positive business. She is based in Shanghai, China, and supports the Asia Pacific markets – Australia, China, India, Japan and South Korea – with implementation of the company’s sustainability strategy “People and Planet Positive”. Her special focus is on retail operations and the topics of climate action, energy, and resources. 

  • Tom Watson – Pure Living Solutions Development Executive

As PureLiving’s Solutions Development Executive, Tom has a global role focused on product development, training, international partner acceleration, and thought leadership. Prior to transitioning tothis role in spring 2018, he was PureLiving’s Director of Engineering & Project Management in China.

  • Lucas Wang – BEE Vice President

Designing Your Work Environment: A Recap

On September 5th Digital Bootcamp Asia together with Clestra Hauserman together hosted the event Designing Your Work Environment, discussing increased productivity, wellness, and creativity through space design. The event was a huge success with more than 50 people who participated. 

The first person to speak was Happy Le. Happy has many years of experience in creating a better workplace for many companies. In her pitch, she discuses the theory of workplace strategy and her insights about design which meet and exceeds clients’ expectations. She pointed out the diverse demand for space today, and how to strategically plan adaptability moving forward. 

Next up was Chasing Wang, Founder, Lead Designer & Architect of Nòng Studio. Working both in Italy and China has exposed Chasing to a unique array of perspectives and design possibilities. He inspired us by showing several brilliant designs that which he has done for everything ranging from luxury retail spaces, custom designed residences and of course unique high-end workspace solutions. He also give us a video tour of his amazing office based on individualized concepts layout.

To close out the night was Margaux, NE-ON Co-Founder and Creative Director. Margaux explain how a work environment can encourage creativity and resulting in better productivity. She pointed out how ideas are influenced by our working environment in 3 aspects- Working, Caring and Sharing. 

Many thanks to our venue host WeWork for allowing us host in their space, and a big round of applause for our speakers and all of the professionals and designers who came out and participated- Without you, our great success would not have been as much as it was! We look forward to seeing you all at our future events!

Designing Your Work Environment: Increasing productivity, wellness and creativity through space design

This event will provide an in-depth look into how design aesthetics, flow of energy in a space and overall structural and design approach can greatly impact productivity and wellness of a company’s employees, and also stand as a representation for visiting clients and others, reflecting the culture of an organization

In a fast-paced business world, and especially when located in a dense and ever-evolving urban environment like Shanghai, the importance of inhabiting the proper space is greater than ever in order to appropriately address the work/life balance and needs of employees.

We have invited industry experts in the fields of workspace design, architecture and high-end commercial design to present their unique insights into this topic, and show different examples of how they and their companies address specific needs and concerns of their clients, ranging from large corporations to smaller, more boutique companies and organizations.


Interior design is more than just aesthetics. It’s about how we experience spaces. It’s a powerful, essential part of our daily lives.

Interior design is just over 100 years old. In these hundred years, what began as the art of decorating, embracing and function, has evolved into today’s world of highly specialized areas of interior design that affects how we live, work, play and even heal.

Have you ever wondered how interior design has shaped our lives? It’s no longer about picking the colors that match, but in deciding how you want to feel when you enter your home or space.

Don’t miss this event and opportunity to hear first-hand from some of the most knowledgeable, experienced and respected professionals in the design scene. Discover how interior design has evolved over the decades, understand the impact on good designs on one’s well-being and be updated on the latest trends in interior design.

Speakers include:

  • Francesco Sani, Lead Architect at SANI+partners

Topic: Human Evolution & Interior Evolution – Discover how interior takes after lifestyle

The topic is focused the trend evolution in house design and how this trend is related to the lifestyle revolution. It will analyse trends from early 1900 to present and showcase examples of interior design projects alongside different period looks.

  • Xiaojing Huang, Strategy Director of YANG DESIGN

Whether you are a designer or just a simple man with a space to yourself, you can decide how you want to shape the space that you spend the bulk of your time in, and have a space that paves the way for a better lifestyle.

Above all, you will have the chance to interact directly with the panelists as well as your peers.