Strategies of the Successful: Learn from Xiaomi’s WeChat Campaign

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In order to succeed, it is crucial for you to learn from the success and the failures of others. As entrepreneurs, creating new products and services is part of your business plan. But, there is no need to create everything from scratch. New companies can still learn successful strategies from their predecessors.

Xiaomi is a leading cellphone manufacturer in China, and its marketing strategy is one of the reasons for its success. Tolmao Group presents Xiaomi’s WeChat moment advertising as a reason for its success.

WeChat is the fastest growing social media platform in China. With over 600 million active monthly users, companies are using WeChat to target their customers. As you start your WeChat campaign, you will realize that WeChat does not provide full user data to companies. Xiaomi’s WeChat moment advertising is a good case study for learning how to get customer data.

In 2014, Xiaomi used Qzone to promote its latest cellphone. Now, Xiaomi, like a lot of companies, is using WeChat for its ad distribution. Xiaomi promotes ads on WeChat. WeChat allows companies like Xiaomi to target specific groups of users by the customer’s demographic information, interests and physical location. Companies can get demographic information about which users clicked on their ads so as to best target their campaigns. To get more information about their users companies can also lead the users to external forms that require the user to fill in relevant information.

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Xiaomi, and other advertisers, can see the results of its advertising by analyzing the ROI, click through rate and cost per click. With this information, companies can alter their campaigns based on the results. WeChat’s moment advertising is part of the growing trend of companies using WeChat for commercial purposes.

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