Is China Outsmarting the Smartphone Generation?

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Today we live in a world where everyone’s lives and businesses revolve around one item: the smartphone. Whether it be for communication, direction, daily itineraries, transportation, or payment, leaving your home in the morning without your device is asking for disaster. China is exponentially evolving their technology features at a facer pace than we can keep up, but would you believe us if we said China is on the verge of out smarting smartphones?

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Alipay launched a breaking new feature on June 20th of an upgraded version of the “cashless parking lot” at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. This feature allows drivers to park their cars, passing directly through parking gates, without the hassle of searching for spare cash or scavenging to find your phone. This automatic payment is as easy as connecting the driver’s license plate to Alipay’s parking feature, which automatically is recognized through the parking entrance’s camera. According to the report by Alipay, this non-cash- non-phone payment will allow each vehicle to save 80% of normal parking times. This feature is likely to highly improve traffic congestion and is already present in many of China’s major cities. The feature of non-cash-non-phone payment parking is just the beginning of the basic evolution China has planned for the future of digital technologies.

So what does this mean? One day we will live in a world so advanced we will surpass the need for our current daily dependence on our smartphones? Alipay thinks so. On April 1st Alipay also released a smart solution service plan called “Alipay Air”. The purpose of this plan is a 5 year goal for the complete disappearance of smartphone payment. Alipay is constructing the “body key money (ID card, cell phone, key, wallet)” feature that allows payment through Alipay with the simple swipe of your palm anywhere from restaurants, shopping, watching movies, to bike payments.

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Everyone knows the feeling of anxiety they feel when they accidentally leave their phones behind. Feeling empty and completely disoriented without your smartphone is the reality of the day in age we live in. As Alipay continues to outdo the impossible just when we think it cannot possibly get more advanced, we do not doubt China’s ability to outsmart the smartphone when it comes to payment. We are the witnesses to just the beginning of the digital era and the possibilities in China are truly limitless.

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