How to Get Your First 1,000 WeChat Official Account Followers

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Our WeChat Marketing luncheon and workshop, which was held on Sunday, December 13th, was an overwhelming and success. More than 35 working professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs joined us for four hours of discussion around exploring opportunities, engaging clients and growing their business through WeChat Marketing.

During the workshop, many great ideas were shared and excellent questions were asked by our participants.One question in particular that received the most attention during our discussion was how users get their first 1,000 WeChat official account followers. As most people know and the saying goes — once you have your first 1,000 followers and start producing more original content, the account will start rolling like a snowball.

So the real question is how exactly do we get our first 1,000 WeChat official account followers? During our workshop, one attendee made a good point worth repeating: If WeChat official account key opinion leaders’ fees are increasingly high for entrepreneurs to adopt or too difficult to evaluate ROI (return on investment), why not become and industry influencer yourself? Or, educate your employees, co-workers and advocate partners to engage with WeChat Marketing activities and influence their social network.

To share our discussion about WeChat official account followers, the following is a conversation with Nina. Nina runs a successful WeChat official account, as a Key Opinion Leader, serving media that introduces interesting and fun happenings in China.

Why choose WeChat?

N: WeChat is popular here in China and so I am a big fan of it. It’sa great way to target a specific audience, enhance marketing efforts, track user’s purchasing behaviors and assess your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses in the market place.

What is the purpose of becoming a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) on WeChat?

N: As a KOL, I consider myself an inspiration catcher. I am keen on recording beautiful things, kind people and interesting stories that I encounter. To share these beautiful things and let more people know about these interesting stories, WeChat provides the perfect forum. Initially I wondered how I could reach more people and worried about whether they would listen tome. Whether it is to remind people of some touching moments or to just try more different things in their busy lives, I can reach a bigger audience through WeChat as a KOL.

Why did you choose to share these topics with your community?

N: Personally, I love traveling to search out interesting goodies, photographing and blogging on WeChat. Importantly, I realized that most of my WeChat friends enjoyed reading my posts. They kept asking me if I could provide them with specific information, such as it ineraries for traveling, exact addresses of restaurants,etc. The more I responded, with valuable information, the more followers I attracted.

As you see, I briefly introduced my WeChat account as a platform for a collection of inspiration,including travel recommendations, interesting shops and restaurant suggestions as well as insight about note worthy events and interviews. I believe each person will come into contact with these three main aspects every day.More recently, I decided to start my WeChat public account to integrate lifestyle materials in order to benefit more of my followers.

Did you publish your QR Code on other social media platforms? If yes, which ones?

N: Yes, only on Weibo, however it will sometimes drive some traffic to WeChat.

I actually didn’t focus on doing promotions when I started my public account. I’ve been doing content marketing as the first step (original article only). But gradually I am thinking about doing more promotions in this coming year while focusing on content marketing.

What exactly is WeChat KOL?

WeChat KOL, or Key Opinion Leader, is a term that refers to people who are active on WeChat and have built a large, engaged following around a certain topic or niche. There are two categories of WeChat KOL. The first category consists of people who use individual WeChat to post, share and update information on a regular basis with content targeted to their specific audience. The second category of WeChat KOL consists of individuals who use WeChat official account to post updates on information to build a community.

Why is WeChat KOL effective in helping you expedite the process of getting your first 1,000 followers when launching your WeChat official account?

WeChat KOL is an important part of getting your first 1,000 WeChat official account followers for two reasons:

  • It helps establish a dedicated and interested community with common interests and hobbies.
  • It provides a large database for sharing information, ideas and original content with followers.

When a WeChat KOL posts,recommends or promotes something, the communities to which they are addressing are more likely to seek out those products and services and try them for themselves.

Why does becoming a key opinion leader matter for your brand and business?

The average price range to request a WeChat Key Opinion Leaders to help you share information had increased regularly. Accounts with 50,000 followers can charge you a minimum of 500RMB or more. And WeChat analytics solution is still developing as a proven method to help you identify your influencers.

For start-ups, the best way to get your first 1,000 WeChat official account followers is through your individual WeChat. Build your own WeChat group, share posts from WeChat official accounts and engage with your target audience directly. If you are developing products or services that are needed in the market, people who are interested in these products and services must come to you. They will follow you immediately if you are dedicated, consistent and passionate about what you are doing. And they will tell others to follow you, as well.

For those marketers who are hesitant to be a KOL and prefer to avoid engaging personally in creating the community, you can target industry key opinion leaders. Just remember, for these key opinion leaders, you will have to pay them a good amount they won’t promise you any results, either conversation rate or number of sales.Therefore, it is beneficial and more cost-effective to be a KOL and get your first 1,000 WeChat official account followers through your individual WeChat.

What is the best way to get started with WeChat?

Before you launch your WeChat official account and before you begin your campaign to get your first 1,000 WeChat official account followers, attend offline events that have the same target audience that you are seeking for your business. Establishing relationships with audiences, adding them to your WeChat, creating WeChat groups and engaging followers with interesting conversation and useful tips will make it much easier for you to build your community. The key factor is forming relationships! Without it, your followers will feel less connected to you andyour brand. When they are less connected, they are less likely to take an interest in you or your product or service. And most importantly, they will be less likely to suggest to others to join your community, which is critical to growing your WeChat official account followers.

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