8 Tools you Must Know for your Business to Succeed!

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As a small business owner, you know that running a business is hard work. You have to constantly think of innovative strategies to make your business stand out. How do you find the right tools to help your business succeed?

Since there are a lot of operational tools in the market, with many promising comprehensive solutions to your problems, it is easy to waste time with single use tools. Tolmao Group presents a list of comprehensive, productivity tools for your business. These tools are guaranteed to simplify your workflow.

Function: H5 free production (for displays and games)

Website: http://www.rabbitpre.com

Summary: Rabbitpre is a H5 graphic production platform. It is the first to achieve PSD H5 button function and data access service platform. Rabbitpre displays have many templates for you to use so you do not need to know any programming. Simply insert the graphics and animations that you want to use to create exquisite sites.

Reason for Approval:

Easy to use
First to import PSD H5, allows designers to work quickly
Intelligent optimization features
Powerful data analysis with data tracking key items like page views
Multifunctional, can be used to promote exhibitions, invitations, products, job offers, games, etc.

2. JS Form Master

Function: Form design and data collection

Website: http://www.jsform.com

Summary: JS Form Master is a professional, online data collection software that allows you to manage and analyze your forms. With its easy drag and drop operation, you can make a variety of specialized forms. JS Form Master provides a powerful report analysis function so that you can easily analyze your data. You can use JS Form Master to produce a variety of forms including: online ordering, customer satisfaction surveys, invoicing, registrations and more.

Reason for Approval:

Quick and flexible operation so it is easy to use
Free to use as often as you would like
You can use this for a variety of functions (similar to Office)
User friendly, has features like reminders that are helpful for the user
Provides intelligent data analysis

3. Chuangkit

Function: Online graphic design (e.g. posters, PPT, infographics, etc.)

Website: http://www.chuangkit.com

Summary: Chuangkit is a simple to use online graphic design tool. Users can use Chuangkit to make pictures, fonts, templates and more. Simply drag the animation you would like to use to create your material. With Chuangkit, you can avoid having to pay for professional graphic designers or software and still create high quality images for your business. This platform is easy to share and export.

Reason for Approval:

No need to install and has a simple interface
Provides HD pictures and fonts without the need to download material
Easy to use with social networks and distribute in other ways. No need to worry about size
Easy to make professional PPT presentations with animation
Can produce beautiful plans, articles and illustrations with the Editor

4. Wentu

Function: Data visualization, reporting and sharing

Website: http://www.wentu.io

Summary: Wentu is an easy to use data visualization system. It allows users to easily edit online text and data. Wentu provides many templates with preset color schemes, chart types and styles to make your reports look good.

Reason for Approval:

Easy to use, don’t need prior knowledge or experience
One-click share feature and easy to export
Charts are better looking than Excel
Easy to create and share presentations

5. WeChat (Weixin) Host

Function: WeChat functions, Marketing Applications, H5 Templates, SCRM Management

Website: http://www.weixinhost.com

Summary: Weixin Host is a platform for managing your WeChat accounts. With Weixin Host you can easily and effectively manage your followers and promote marketing material. Your personnel can download Apps with a variety of functions and services.

Reason for approval:

Weixin Host provides intelligent fan labels, personalized menus, customized qr codes and more to facilitate your marketing
Can make customized menus
Easy to synchronize with Weixing platform and create graphics and other functions
Easy to analyze data in your channel
Easy to attract followers attention

6. Zhuge IO

Function: Analyze User Behavior

Website: https://zhugeio.com

Summary: Zhuge IO is a refined data analysis tool dedicated to supporting SMEs analyze and manage user behavior data. Zhuge IO provides user information, funnel analysis, customer purchase path and more. It is a valuable user behavior analysis tool to improve your decision making.

Reason for approval:

Zhuge IO is used and oved by over 5000 companies, including A variety of well-known internet companies use Zhuge IO for a variety of analytical functions.
Used over 526 million times a week for processing.
Provides a variety of analytical reports including customer purchase, customer defection, and more to allow you to analyze customer behavior

7. Shimo

Function: simultaneous editing of multiple documents and forms

Official website: https://Shimo.IM

Summary: Shimo allows you to store signs and documents on the cloud so you can plan and manage projects with ease. You are able to track the progress of projects, edit graphics, work on data and in real time. You are also able to store past versions. Shimo also lets you discuss and collaborate with colleagues in real time. There is also a cellphone app for your convenience.

Reason for Approval:

Supports real time collaboration
Provides support, previous versions, and the ability to restore documents、Many uses, including collaborative writing,
editing, etc. It also allows for the synchronization of documents so you can share it across multiple platforms.

8. Group+

Function: event and ticket management, data analysis and presentation

Website: www.grouplus.cn

Summary: Group+ is a leading community operations tool. Group+ allows you to distribute questionnaires and surveys to manage your online community more efficiently. The platform allows for editing, publishing and provides data on your activity. It is older and more well established than many other platforms.

Reason for Approval:

Can easily set up communities and get feedback on questionnaire and sales.
Provides 2000 free SMS messages per month
Weixin one click payment. Can also schedule payments in advance
Allows you to label and track users based on usage
Easy to understand and analyze data

If you have questions on these or any digital marketing tools, contact Tolmao Group. Tolmao Group is an intergrated marketing agency based in Shanghai. For more information about Tolmao Group, go to www.tolmaogroup.com.

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