5 Trends of Chinese Outbound Tourism

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Since 2000, Chinese outbound tourism has been on the rise. They want to see the world, experience new cultures, and make lasting memories. But where do they go to travel? What are some trends behind this ever-growing world of Chinese outbound tourism? Well, we have those answers and more. Here are the top 5 trends of Chinese outbound tourism:

1. They heavily rely on social media to decide where to go

Chinese will travel to the places that look the most appealing to them on the internet. Germany’s small towns and Christmas markets, Los Angeles’s warm sun and sandy beaches, France’s romantic streets and rich history… all places that are romanticized on social media, and have a large percentage of their tourists that are Chinese.


2. They book online

The days of walking into a travel agency to book trips are quickly ending. Chinese – now more than ever – are using online booking sites to schedule their next vacation. These are especially important because they give the option of going with a group to lower price and to help bridge the language barrier when they are traveling to a new country.


3. They look for unique destinations

Chinese are craving adventure, and with the world becoming more and more accessible every year, the craving is being satiated. However, with more and more Chinese traveling every year, they are branching out to find more “unique” places to travel. Places like UAE and South America are experiencing higher population of Chinese tourists searching for a unique experience to brag about to their friends.


4. They travel in groups

As mentioned above, they like traveling in groups to help break down the language barrier and to give them a sense of comfort in an unfamiliar place. But it also makes international travel much more attainable for singles or independent travelers. For Chinese who are unexperienced with travel but still want to see the world, choosing to travel with a group will alleviate many of their apprehensions. It also gives single people the opportunity to meet people and to travel on a budget.


5. They enjoy splurging on their vacations

It’s no secret that Chinese enjoy the finer things in life. They save to buy designer clothes because it is a sign of affluence, and vacations are no exception. They will spend the extra money to have comfort in a five-star hotel and pay extra luggage fees to haul all their purchases back with them to China. For them, it’s “go big or go home” or more so, “go big and then go home.” They will spend extra on good hotels, good food, and good experiences. Those three things make for a good holiday abroad.

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